Why Kindermusik?

For centuries, cultures around the world have had music as a touchstone. It is a common thread that ties us all together. It can bring joy, exhilaration,  comfort, inspiration and a sense of wonder – rocking babies, stomping feet , clapping hands, playing instruments and raising  voices in song is something that all of our ancestors share.  We can all agree that music is inherently good. Kindermusik did not invent that fact, It just is and always has been true.  What Kindermusik International has done is harness that powerful truth into a research based curriculum that benefits every part of your child. Every element of class has a purpose and intention for their overall growth and development.  At the same time, it exposes children to the language of music at the time when they are most ripe to receive it,  imprinting it on them for a lifetime. Here are a few examples:

  • Singing fosters the development for your child’s most important instrument, the voice, through vocal exploration, songs and chants.
  • Moving develops body awareness, coordination, and spatial relationships through synchronized movement, creative movement and simple dances.
  • Playing instruments introduces a variety of musical timbres with simple  percussion instruments while also helping to develop an awareness of a steady beat.
  • Creating stimulates your child’s imagination and encourages new exploration with sound and movement.
  • Patterning boosts your child’s ability to think musically through the integration of basic rhythmic and tonal language.
  • Listening cultivates your child’s heightened attentiveness to sound discrimination.
  • Exploring timbre, dynamics, tempo and pitch lay the foundations for conceptualization of the elements of music.

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